Im hiede, 20 and live in nc! i wish school taught u important stuff like how to make an interesting bio about yourself
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when youre at a concert does it suddenly hit you at random moments that the band are real people and not just pictures on the internet

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Did you know that you can drink lava? But only once

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I’m a hopeless romantic with a dirty mind who has high standards. 

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"Warm as the sun, dipped in black."

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I know I’ve told this story before, but my abusive ex refused to let me take birth control. I was on the pill until he found them in my purse.

I went to the Student Health Center—they were completely unhelpful, choosing to lecture me about the importance of safe sex (recommending condoms) instead of actually listening to my problem.

Then I went to Planned Parenthood. The Nurse Practitioner took one look at my fading bruises and stopped the exam. She called in the doctor. The doctor came in and simply asked me: “Are you ready to leave him?” When I denied that I was being abused, she didn’t argue with me. She just asked me what I needed. I said I need a birth control method that my boyfriend couldn’t detect. She recommended a few options and we decided on Depo.

When I told her that my boyfriend read my emails and listened to my phone messages and was known to follow me, she suggested to do the Depo injections at off hours when the clinic was normally closed. She made a note in my chart and instructed the front desk never to leave messages for me—instead, she programmed her personal cell phone number into my phone under the name “Nora”. She told me she would call me to schedule my appointments; she wouldn’t leave a message, but I should call her back when I was able to.

And that was it. No judgment. No lecture. She walked me to the door and told me to call her day or night if I needed anything. That she lived 5 blocks from campus and would come get me. That I wasn’t alone. That she just wanted me to be safe.

I never called her to come to my rescue. But I have no doubt that she would have come if I had called. She kept me on Depo for a year, giving me those monthly injections in secret, helping me prevent a desperately unwanted pregnancy.

I cannot thank Planned Parenthood enough for the work they do.



Curious Georgiana

Such an amazing story. Thank you for sharing.

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you think you’re cool but you’re just room temperature

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I love buying new things but i hate spending money I’m so angry

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There are lipstick stains on my capri sun

which lana del rey song is this from

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Been Down So Long, Looks Like Up To MeAdam McEwen 


Been Down So Long, Looks Like Up To Me
Adam McEwen 

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